Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes, I know that rex sacrorum sounds a little bit like scrotum, but that notwithstanding...

Apathy Jack writes:

"What if the flamen was smarter than the pontifices?"
"I don't understand the question."
"The pontifices were in charge of the flamen, but what if one of the flamen was smarter than the pontifices? Did he still have to obey the religous orders of the pontifex?"
"Well, as I'm sure a number of you have already figured out, given that you're smarter than some of your teachers, and as you will all figure out when you enter the workforce and end up working for bosses or managers who you're smarter than: what happens when you work for someone you're smarter than is that they take credit for your ideas and you get yelled at a lot for making them look stupid."
"Is that a reference to you and the HOD of English?"
"Actually, no. I'm impressed - the first thing I say in five years that isn't a snide comment about my immediate superior, and you still pick one up. I've trained you well."

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