Friday, March 10, 2006

So, what's happening in the world today?

Josh writes:

I commented below that this blog's subtitle has of late been taken from whatever random song lyrics jumped out at me recently. The same phenomenon occurs with news articles from time to time, too. For example:

Mussolini's granddaughter says: "Better to be a fascist than a faggot." What a nice lady.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, authorities stress that the upcoming solar eclipse is no cause for panic and rioting. OK, what's the rule with Third World countries? If I point out that no matter how bad things are in the West when it comes to fundamentalism and superstition encroaching on people's lives (think Intelligent Design, "Thank God for dead soldiers" and the currently skyrocketing value of shares in South Dakota coathanger manufacturers), it's nothing compared to the state of ignorance existing in some areas of Africa, does that make me a smug, unfeeling hypocrite, happily mocking the less fortunate while doing nothing to ease their plight? On the other hand, if I leave them alone on the grounds that they're a Third World country and shouldn't be held to the same standards as us, does that make me a smug, patronising hypocrite, treating adult human beings as though they were feeble-minded children? Best not to go there at all, probably. Oh.

Moving on, British serial killer attempts suicide by repeatedly trying to bite through arteries in his arms. There's a mental image. I'll be over here banging my face into a wall for a bit. 'Til next time...

Also, could the people arriving at our site searching for dogsex please stop -- you're starting to creep me out. The people searching for midgets are funny are welcome back any time.

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