Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

This week's midget abuse, part the first:

"That's a good idea for a presentation. It's also exactly the same as your friend's. Think of your own."
"This is my own idea."
"I recognise your ideas as distinct from your friend's: They're shorter and they talk more."
"I thought of this one all by myself, and I... Hey, was that a 'short' joke?"
"Well, a 'short and verbose' joke, yes."

This week's midget abuse, part the second:

"Right, now you've got to do part two of the activity."
"But it's hard."
"Yes, but sometimes we have to do the hard things. For example, not crushing midgets is hard, but every so often I have to do it on order to get some work out of them."
"And part two of the activity is hard, so you have to do that to learn things. You understand about the crushing."

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