Thursday, March 02, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Josh writes:

One Saturday a couple of weeks ago, at the height of summer, my girlfriend was out of the house for the day, so it seemed like an opportune time to sit down and watch the copy of Boa vs. Python* I'd been given for my birthday. The heat that afternoon meant that it was very much ice block weather, so I ambled off to the dairy for some pre-movie coolants: "Mmm... ice block. Actually, a drink to go with the movie could be nice. What'll it be? Coke? Mountain Dew? Ooh..."

Royal Crown Draft Cola.

I can say without a word of a lie that my heart leapt at the thought of blobbing out in front of a fan with herpetological hijinks on the box and the chocolatey flavour of a bit of Royal Crown to wash it down.

On the walk back home, I reflected on how lucky I was to be a man of simple pleasures -- a cool flat, a shitty B-movie, and soft drink from a glass bottle is, it turns out, all I need to be truly happy. Am I remarkable in this, or are the rest of you just as easy to please? What must life be like for those whose contentment is contingent on more lotfy goals, be they world peace, an end to disease or the formation of a socialist/libertarian/Islamic/Christian utopia? Shit, that's what.

Come over here guys -- get some Boa vs. Python down ya. You get to see Angel Boris' tits and everything.

* In which Giant Snake threatens middle Armerica. The goverment sets out to stop it, calling on the aid of the Giant Snake's natural enemy: Another Giant Snake. Best. Movie. Ever. And yet total shit as well -- the paradox of Modern Cinema.


The Hand of Morthos said...

For the last few Sundays I have been taking great pleasure in a series of Agatha Christie adaptations on ITV. I snuggle up with a packet of corn crisps and some Doctor Pepper and watch the feature-length episodes with a certain glee. I like to think that we all have our own simple pleasures; zombie films, new issues of the Fortean Times; Battlestar Galactica. Of course, the beauty of a simple pleasure comes from the realisation of more complex pleasures. We enjoy the simple because it requires less work than the more demanding needs of our lives. I love teaching; it's hardly a simple pleasure since it requires an inordinate amount of work to make it enjoyable[1], but nothing beats a lazy Sunday with no work commitments and a film of dubious merit. Not because it is more pleasureable, but because the pleasure comes at virtually no cost.

1. Like so many things such pleasures have an economy of scale, in that teaching something for the first time is hardly pleasurable whilst teaching it for the umpteenth time is very boring, with only the middle-ground being properly fun. Music, I imagine, is quite similar; learning a new piece is difficult, then it becomes wonderful and then, when you've played it all too many times, boring.

Apathy Jack said...

Josh, there are plenty of people who feel just the way you (and indeed I) do, but that's not going to make a difference - Give us dvds and candy, and we're happy, so we don't feel the need to fight to change the world frfom what it has become.

Josh said...

If what the world has become involves me having DVDs and candy, then the world is as it should be and all is well.

Except for the death and suffering, but that's off over there somewhere.

The Hand of Morthos said...

Then again, you can have your simple pleasures and still want to change the world into something brighter, better and less-goth populated. That's my raison d'etre.

dreamer said...

Royal Crown Draft Premium Cola is definitely the Cola of choice.. but the quality seems highly variable. Sometimes it's amazing, other times it's disappointingly watery.

RSJS said...

Bag o' jellybeans, Hired to Kill on video, and drawn curtainsso pants are optional? Fuck changing the world's nappies.

muzzlehatch said...

easy to say when you're not the one sitting in the shit.

Anonymous said...

angel sucks ass. shitty actor, and thank god for makeup to hide acne scars. Good luck getting a job where you don't show your titts!