Thursday, March 09, 2006

The third job I should be doing: Colossal Insight

Apathy Jack writes:

Bollocks to it, I'm tired. Third job I should be doing you say? Well, I had a plan. I was going to recount one of other of the events of recent weeks, make it a crassly manipulative piece designed to tug at your heartstrings - someting about the kid who's been kicked out of home, or the one who lost a family member recently: something to make the job seem hard and novble and make me all martyry and the like. You know how I do. Then, I was going to follow it up with a pithy thing along the lines of "There is no other job for me" only all poetried up to sound flash.

But I can't be bothered. I went to the wrestling (sorry, I mean the wrestling) last week, and I'm off to see Cluch next week. Also, my computer is buggered, so I can't really sit down and compose anything of length, let alone merit. And you know, work has been too busy to write about at length. Almost ironic really, given that some of the stuff I've been up to of late is the sort of stuff that would make excellent blog fodder - You wouldn't believe a bunch of this stuff: it all sounds too convenient, like it's been scripted for that television show I always make my life out to be. Busy. Busy and tired.

Hell, the story from today would be a great one, but it works visually, not written down.

Sod it, go and read a book. Blogs give you cancer.


The Hand of Morthos said...

Warning: Reading this blog could cause harm to your unborn baby.

Hold on, that should be a tagline for Brain Stab.

Josh said...

Should be, and yet inexplicably it remains whatever scrap of song lyrics happened to jump out at me that week. (Next on the list "I got ladyfingers, baby".)

Of course, any member of Brain Stab has the ability to alter the tagline. Imagine the fun that could be had...