Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

See, unlike a lot of bloggers, I have no desire to be a Real Writer™, or even a journalist – I’m happy doin’ what I do, so feel no particular inclination to improve or otherwise change anything about the writing I do.

But I have to say, when I read the following excerpt by Tom Robbins, it makes me wish I was a better writer...

And it will rain a screaming. And it will rain a rawness. And it will rain a disorder, and hair-raising hisses from the oldest snake in the world.

Rain will hiss on the freeways. It will hiss around the prows of fishing boats. It will hiss in electrical substations, on the tips of lit cigarettes, and in the trash fires of the dispossessed. Legends will wash from the desecrated burial grounds, graffiti will run down alley walls. Rain will eat the old warpaths, spill the huckleberries, cause toadstools to rise like loaves. It will make poets drunk and winos sober, and polish the horns of the slug.

And it will rain a miracle. And it will rain a comfort. And it will rain a sense of salvation from the philistinic graspings of the world.

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