Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick Headline Update

Josh writes:

High Court says no free speech for penis -- that's more like it.

OK, you can go back to reading about strippers now.


Herr Dummkopf von Kranken-Brainen said...

You know, if my penis started speaking, I think that I would have better things to worry than going to court. I can just see it now ... you're sitting in a theatre watching The Sound of Music, when your wanger answers your mobile phone. The person next to you complains and the conversation goes something like this:
"You know that's really annoying."
*shug* "I'm sorry, he's got a mind of his own, especially when he's watching anything with Julie Andrews in it."
"Can't you shut him up?"
"I could give him a couple of whacks, but I'm afraid it might just encourage him"
"Well could you at least close your fly?"
"What!? And suffocate him??"

It can't end well.

Josh said...

I dunno - would such a loquacious member really be likely? I figure if a penis could talk, it would say "more vagina, please" and little else.