Thursday, January 05, 2006

Apathy Jack isn't the only one who has conversations you know.

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

"So, how long have you been a goth for?"
"What makes you think I'm a goth?"
"Didn't you go to the Motorhead concert?"
"Sure, but I don't think Motorhead is goth music. Goth music is more Sisters of Mercy or Nine Inch Nails or something"
"Sounds like they're pretty miserable"
"Oh not really, most of the goths I've met seem like really nice people, they just like wearing black, like the music, like religious insignia and stuff like that. It's sort of like being a hippy, there's no creed to it, just a group of people with similar tastes"
"Oh okay. I guess so. I still don't think I could buy into the Satan worship that they do though.".

A group of people, including my father and myself, talking about his trip to Europe with his mates when he was younger.
"We were in Spain for about three weeks with no money, we lived off oranges all the time and camped by the side of the road. When we started out I was 15 stone, and when we got back I was 9 stone. Mark was 22 stone when we started and he got down to 15 at the end. He could wear my trousers..."
"Really Dad! So after three months together Mark was able to get into your pants?"
"...after Spain we went to Germany, I'd done German at school. I remember the first thing I said in German, it was "ein pretzel bitte" in a bakery"
"..must be a good friendship you and Mark developed with you letting him get in your pants at the end of the trip?"
"...we had this little campervan, it broke down in Germany. That was where some woman tried to steal Mark's wallet and stuff that he always kept tied to his wrist..."
"...has Mark ever gotten into your pants since then...?"
"Oh shut up Eric. I know your silly little game and I'm not going to play it.".


Psycho Milt said...

Well to be fair, if your notion of what Goffs are like comes from listening to Type O Negative, you probably would think they were all satan-worshippers (or vampires maybe, or just decidedly kinky buggers).

It'd be a brave or insane man that told Lemmy Motorhead was a Goth band though...

And a note for Jack, seeing as he has comments switched off: doctors used to recommend golf for exercise, with the caveat that the walking, not the swinging is important. Now, for your cricket fan, that caveat goes something like "Remember, it's the drinking, not the cricket that's important."

Brian Boyko said...

And to be precise - not all goths are kinky buggers, and not all kinky buggers are goths.

And not all kinky buggers are buggers, either, unless that word means something other than what I think it means. Sometimes I have trouble understanding y'all's New Zealand English.