Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Bunch Of Things

Apathy Jack writes:

I do rather miss work...

At a course with a pack of teachers from around the country. Someone asks about the challenges we must face at Hoodrat High. Damnably, she’s done her research, and mentions several of the articles she’s read in the local rag. I go out of my way to explain that the stories were exaggerations. I catch the look on her face as I say “... the blade only went in an inch or two – it barely counts as a real stabbing” and I’m reminded of why I needed these holidays...

I’m Loving It

Sitting in the Food Court, a copy of Morgan Spurlock’s Don’t Eat This Book in one hand, Big Mac in the other, KFC Mashies sitting on the table in front of me, Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation in my bag to read next.

I’m not sure if I’m being ironic, or if I’m just some kind of monster...

Best Thing Ever

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t change facial expression.

But her eye colour does occasionally change, which is creepy.

God to Creationists: Screw you up your stupid asses

Vatican disapproves of teaching Intelligent Design in schools.


Since I wrote about the census thing, I’ve seen a bunch of things on blogs (and in the Real Media™, which I’m sure none of you bother with) which point out that, while I (for example) am not from Europe, neither am I a small flightless bird that eats grubs. Now, of course this is true, and ‘Kiwi’ isn’t my preferred option: I agree with people who think it is silly to put ‘New Zealander’ – an indicator of nationality – on a form designed to ask about your ethnicity. I’ve always put ‘NZ Pakeha’. (And yes, there’s all of that “Pakeha is Maori for ‘white devil’” sophistry. Never seen conclusive proof, and even if there was some: ‘queer’ means strange and ‘nigger’ is a horrible racial slur that would be wholly inappropriate to use in a hip hop song. Live with it.)

To continue the analogy from my last post: before, my options were Phil or Trevor. Now, my options are “Phil”, “Trevor” or “Not Brian”. There’s still no “Jack” option, but I’m closer to “Not Brian” than I am to “Trevor”, so it’ll do for a start.