Thursday, January 12, 2006

By Way of an Explanation

Josh writes:

As I recall, the conversation went something like this:

Josh: It's a new year, and we're one year old now -- time for a change. New look to the blog, some new contributors -- perhaps even a new name.

Apathy Jack: Yes. These all are good ideas. Have a biscuit.

Josh: Thank you. So, any ideas for a new name, new look or new people?

Apathy Jack: No. You?

Josh: No. Arse. OK, how's this for an idea: We add a guest account -- call it "Guest Ranting Bastard" or something (I'll think of a better name later) -- and invite people we know who might want to contribute on an irregular basis to use it?

Apathy Jack: Could work. Of course, most of the people we know a very, very lazy. Lazier even than us -- at least we have a blog.

Josh: Worth a try, though.

*time passes*

Josh: Hey everyone, I've added a Guest Ranting Bastard account and changed the colour scheme while I was at it, as this provides a visual change while being significantly easier than coming up with an all-new design! In the spirit of democratic participation, I thought I'd give you a chance to offer your opinions on these things that I have already done.

Everyone else: We unanimously approve of everything.

Josh: It's agreed then -- the changes shall remain just as I have made them.

Everyone else: Thy will be done.

Morthos: Also, it could be neat if one of us set a theme from time to time, and we all wrote posts on the theme.

Josh: Sounds peachy. Now shush, dear -- grownups are talking.

Jellybean: Meh, the new pink style makes me think I'm writing in a vagina. It's inspirational. There's a theme right now -- "musings from an electronic pudenda".

And it pretty much degenerated from there.

Alright, that's not quite how it happened -- there was no biscuit.


span said...

i'm not sure that qualifies as pink. looks more like red to me ;-)

Josh said...

Yeah, I was going for red, but if it gives a young man the chance to use the word "vagina", well, who can complain?

dreamer said...

I'm a fan of the new look. Keep up the good work folks.