Friday, July 07, 2006

Update-tastic! (Updastic?)

Josh writes:

Still on the topic of NCEA-bashing-bashing:

Hewligan puts in his two cents. I agree, particularly with:

Now, as far as I can tell, this, and all the other criticism of NCEA that I see in the newspaper or on television can basically be summarised as: "It's different and I'm scared."

Also, I see a Letter to the Editor today from some whinging bint who cries that ever since NCEA started she hasn't felt the need to work as hard, which she fears may now be affecting her University study. Oh, if only NCEA hadn't turned me into a lazy slacker...

I actually wrote a letter in reply -- didn't save the letter, but it was along the lines of "take some responsibility, you bleating slag" plus a two-sentence summary of my previous post. Let's see if it sees print -- I'm pretty sure I achieved the right level of pithiness-while-being-unneccessarily-rude that normally gets published.

UPDATE: The letter did get published. As one might expect, they faithfully reproduced the unnecessary rudeness, while cutting out the bulk of my reasoned argument. Such is life.

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