Friday, July 14, 2006

Life in the future: Heads or tails

Guest Ranting Bastard writes:

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Today’s post is brought to you by Span(ner in the works) who, as you should know by now, has returned from her hiatus and is once again blogging at Spanblather.


On a good day I reckon the future looks just dandy, for all and sundry.
Such days aren't all that frequent unfortunately, but when they occur I
can see my own work as part of the equation of bringing about my utopia
– where everyone can access all the resources they require; greed is not
seen as a virtue; sexism, racism, homophobia, and discrimination in
general have been shown the door; and the way we all go about our daily
lives doesn't actively scar the planet we live on. Not all that funny
(except for my naïve ernestness), but that's vaguely what I'd like to
happen to the human race in the foreseeable future.

But when the coin comes down tails it's all doom and gloom. I see us
living in a society ordered as in Gattaca, with the general surrounds of
Highlander 2, and heading towards extinction the way an asteroid
gravitates around a black hole. Not pleasant. And certainly not
particularly witty (sorry about that).

But then I'm writing this with jet-lag, so what do I know?


Psycho Milt said...

Can't any of you guys write a future in which we're all in some Iain M. Banks thing where there's no govt, and grumpy robots much smarter than we are do all the work? I'm buggered if I can be bothered keeping breathing if that's not the case

Apathy Jack said...

For a cheering vision of the future, might I recommend Hewligan's post, which I've just thrown above this one.


span said...

Well maybe if they make an Iain M Banks book into a film... which really ought to happen sometime soon, surely?