Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life in the future - Repent!

Josh writes:

"Life in the future"? Aren't you people paying attention? There is no future!

Islamic fundamentalists will destroy civilization by outbreeding us as we abort our Aryan foetuses by the busload; global warming will see us burn, freeze and drown all at the same time; religious crazies of all denominations will club together to kick off the Apocalypse any way they know how; and gay marriage will destroy family structures, ending society as we know it... somehow (I've never quite been clear on that one).

Well, that's the impression I get from the All-knowing Internets. It could be, though, that what I'm witnessing is not the End Time; rather just the End Time of the Web*. Signs indicate that the Internet itself may be crumbling into irrelevance, and will ultimately be consumed by its own petty bickering, when it overflows from forums and political blogs to cover all pages everywhere with poorly-written straw man and ad hominem fallacies.

As an example/portent, I submit this risible blog post, which starts out thoroughly benign, but two comments in someone posts -- completely without provocation -- a screed attacking Canada's stance on the War on Terror. A further 240 comments argue inanely back and forth, and at no point make any reference to the pornography-based humour of the original post. This marks merely the Beginning of the End -- the fate of this post shall befall you all. Repent! Repent for the End is Near!! Repent!!!

Also, George Bush is a fag LOLZ.

* See that, Farrar -- I equate the web with the Internet just like everyone else on the planet. Anyway.

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