Thursday, July 27, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

So I was talking to one of my lot about a series of writing pieces she needed to do responding to the many books she's been reading. She said that, while she thought of very good ideas while she was reading, they leaked out of her head by class the next day.

I pulled my notebook – one of those tiny crappy dollar-from-the-supermarket jobs – from my bag, ripped out the pages that I had covered in whatever inane scribbling had occurred to me on the bus that morning, and gave it to her so she could record her impressions of the books as she went along.

Today, she gave it to me to check all of her ideas. Going through it, seeing amazing ideas (and, frankly, wondering who taught her to be so clever) and I come to the page in the middle of the frantic notes on the books she's currently reading. The page reads "Note to self: Thank Mister for my cool little book. Buy him a lolly."

Sometimes my job doesn't suck..


"Oi, you, hold up. These notes you've made towards your writing are brilliant. Not just good; brilliant. You're a genius."
"But the notes are all I can do. I can't order them into proper ideas."
"Then hows about for ten minutes of tomorrow's period I sit with you and we turn some of those notes into full sentences and paragraphs. Then after we've done a few together you'll be able to continue by yourself."
"That 'okay' smelt of wagging. You won't be here tomorrow, will you?"
"Yes, I'll come. I'll be here."
"Good, because this work is really good, and I want you to turn it into the finished product."
"You think very highly of me, don't you?"
"Yes, very highly indeed."
"You like me a lot, right?"
"Of course."
"Give me a hug."
"Here you go. Happy now?"
"Can I wag in your class this period?"
"No, go to your class."
"But I've got Tourism, and I'm a loner. I was meant to do a group thing, but I don't have a group, so I didn't do it, and I'll get into trouble."
"But you'll get into just as much trouble if you turn up tomorrow without having done it."
"But I'm not coming to school tomorrow."
"I knew it! I told you I can smell wagging."
"Damn. Alright, I'll go to Tourism."
"That's right. And do some more notes over the weekend if you're not coming to class tomorrow."
"Okay. See you Mister."
"See you Monday."

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