Sunday, July 16, 2006

Life in the future: ???

Josh writes:

Speaking of the future, last week I received one of those weird spam e-mails you sometimes get that look like they've been "written" by some sort of evolving computer program designed to penetrate spam filters; the ones that spend so much time trying to avoid spam conventions and keywords that they end up as a completely unintelligible mess. The body of the e-mail read in full:

than  I ever  had for anyone. And  that's when I decided. I  didn't  exactly
the thirtieth  anniversary of the Visitation.  Dr  Pilman, would you care to
     "The same, I answered, feeling  a  nervous laugh welling up. I couldn't
they couldn't understand, but then he had some good ones that they could.

(Weird spacing faithfully reproduced.) It wasn't until I got more e-mail and noticed that this one was still at the top of my Inbox that I realized it is dated two weeks into the future.

I mean, that's just fucking bizarre.

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The Hand of Morthos said...

Talking about weirdness in re the future; whilst... researching mp3s of the soundtrack to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Cures of the Black Pearl I found downloads to the 30th Anniversary Soundtrack. Damn file-sharing time travellers.