Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Living in the Future: Robots and Other Devices

That Morthos Stare writes:

In the future there will be more than one form of human consciousness, and it will be available in dairies. Patriotism will be something we apply to brand names, trademarks and celebrity peer groups. Time will be measured in relative lengths and property will extend not just to insubstantials but also to non-existents. Although people will be able to vote on everything they will let computers do that work for them. Cats will be walking computers and dogs our roving medi-systems. Cars will refuse to take you out when you are drunk and working days will be flexible without the threat of overtime. Actors will put themselves in stasis between gigs and musicians will be AI-enhanced with tracks that adapt to the mood of the audience. Taxes will be both high and abolished whilst earning money will be seen as an odd past-time that indicates a high level of sociopathy. Murder will be committed by bi-local entities and religions will be the drug-memes your parents resent.

But, most importantly, in the future there will be robots.

My friend, and part-time meristrator, Mr. HORansome had planned to also contribute something to the cause. His project, a pulp short story called 'Past Corrective' was never finished and thus exists only as a pre-first draft monstrocity lurking here. Rumour has it that Mr. HORansome was last seen descending into the depths of Hamilton where 'fresh minds, unpolluted by Auckland-speak' were to be had.

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Josh said...

"Fresh minds" or "fresh braaaaiins"? I've always wondered about that HORansome -- he seems a bit, well, if not undead per se, then at least unalive.