Sunday, May 07, 2006

Broken Planet News

Apathy Jack writes:

Goths are all perverts who think they're werewolves and date twelve year olds. All of them.


American school suspends student for looking like a terrorist.


About every three seconds, the scrolling electronic sign that usually carries transit updates and advertisements had a very different message that Nichols just could not keep his eyes off.

"Stephen Harper Eats Babies. Stephen Harper Eats Babies. Stephen Harper Eats Babies," the message kept repeating.


Vet pretends to put dog down so that he can resucue it from unfit owners.


Sci-fi geeks all crazy and kill babies. All of them.


Herr Dummkopf von Kranken-Brainen said...

Re: the first article. When you read the line "Jeremy Allan Steinke’s terminally ill mother says her son is not the man many think he is and has a good heart" did mentally add the words "... it's just a shame it's the heart of a 12-year old girl and he hides it in a jar under his bed"??

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Miss T said...

"Vet pretends to put dog down to rescue it from unfit owners"

Now, if only we could find a way to do this with unfit parents.