Monday, May 22, 2006

Last Music

Apathy Jack writes:

Ed Davis has directed quite a staggering number of music videos for New Zealand artists, and here he offers them for download. I recommend Gramscii's 'Code' and anything by Jakob because, hell, I like them. There's also the video for 'Karlsruhe' by Jordan Reyne, who was the subject of one of the other music posts.

However, the standout video would have to be the technical masterpiece that is Autozamm's 'You Don't Know Me' - shot in a single take, then sped up and slowed down to various degrees throughout the song; all of the motions match the beats, and the lips synch perfectly.

I'm not explaining it well, so download the video and watch it - it really is something to behold.


phats said...

You don't happen to know if we're getting another album out of Jakob anytime soon?

Apathy Jack said...

Not that I know of - give me a few days to check with my contacts.

("Contacts" of course being a pretentious way of saying "A mate or two who follow Jakob's career more closely than I do, so know these things"...)