Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reflection Of Skin And Bone

Apathy Jack writes:

Rightly, today's music is NUTE, a friendly pack of industrial noise monsters who are playing their last NZ gig for a while (trecherous lead singer is deserting to England for a while) this Saturday courtesy of these guys.

Their webpage includes details on their first full length album: Cyborg Resistance. Click on 'News' to download the excellecnt 'ROSB', or better yet, if you're local, come out on Saturday to see them. You can buy me a coke and watch me act standoffish because I don't like meeting new people. It will be awesome.


Anonymous said...

4 new concurrent posts by A.J and no mention / links to Warren Ellis. The lad must be still be ill.

Josh said...

Warren Ellis? Warren Ellis links to ME, mother fucker!