Sunday, May 14, 2006

music again

Apathy Jack writes:

Right, entries will be sporadic for a while (retroactive from last week, obviously) because being back at work has blunted my interweb mooching powers, so I'll have to actually get around to getting a new computer...

However, for now, here's some more NZ music.

Todays music comes from Jordan Reyne, who also occasionally trades under the name of Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine. She's released four full length albums, and, unlike those artists previously mentioned, has not only got a bit of airplay (most recently when she guested on the latest Strawpeople single) but she's also the only one whose CDs you have a better than average chance of being able to find at your local Real Groovy or equivalent.

Her website has song extracts that you can dowload. I believe she's in Germany at the moment, which is a pity, because seeing her live is something everyone should do as many times as is humanly possible.

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