Monday, May 01, 2006

New Music

Apathy Jack writes:

So, New Zealand Music Month, they tell me.

During my invalidation (which will do until I can think up a better word) I watched the leadup to this, which basically consisted of all of the talkshows asking sundry people in the music scene if we still need a local music month, and if we still need the quota on the radio.

No one seemed to share my opinion: We shouldn't have New Zealand Music month and the radio quota because we need them, we should have them because we want them, because the local talent is so good that we should want to support it and encourage others to listen.

So this week, you get music by people you might not have heard of.

Not everything will be to everyone's tastes, but try it and see - what have you got to lose?

Today, is Naquadah - an unsigned rock band (who put the "west" in "this band is from west Auckland") who have, to date, only released one song (the wonderful "Backlash" on the Re-inventing Sheep compilation a while back). This is, sadly, a myspace page, but it lets you listen to either the afforementioned "Backlash" or new choice; "Bruised"


HORansome said...

For those who don't make the immediate connection, Naquadah have 'geek-cred' (a phrase I will never again use in my shortened life) as they are named after a substance in Stargate SG-1, something that will probably lead them to changing their name should they ever get signed by an American company.

phats said...

Went to the release party for Ishta on saturday. Worth checking out.

Apathy Jack said...

For a moment I thought you were talking about the munterific Ishtar, who I've seen play with Naquadah.

But no.

Still, worth checking out.