Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

"Mister, I still have your Lovely Bones book - I'll give it back tomorrow. I want to read that Lucky one."
"I think Regina has that one. She should be finished it, because she's reading that one I lent Cady, so get it off her."
"I also still have the drunk girl book - I'm almost finished. Have you got anything for me for when I do?"
"I think you'd like the one I lent Gretchen."
"Oh yeah, I want to read that one."
I don't think she's finished it yet, but get it off her when she's done."
"Oh, and has Gretchen still got that Alice book?"
"I think she gave it to Karen. Here, have this to tide you over."
"Thanks. You know, we're all really getting into this... whatever it is we're doing here."
"It's called reading, and I'm pleased you like it."

Most of the time I know how much of a fraud I am, and you know, I'm reconciled to it. But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like the best teacher ever...


Anonymous said...

It must be great to share those awesome books with your students.

I am at the Captain Underpants/gross-out story end of the education spectrum.

I think we all (teachers) feel like a bit of a fake most of the time. But there are those days when the clouds part and the sun shines and you know you can't be THAT shite.

Psycho Milt said...

Librarians are certainly well chuffed at your continued existence, let me tell you.