Sunday, February 05, 2006

Theme Week: Lesser Known Moments of Hesitation

That Morthos Stare writes:

'Somewhere in the world History is happening...' It's cliches like of that kind that get a philosopher's blood boiling and a blogger smiling. 'Brainstab' isn't about history; we're not expecting an MTV-retrospective to feature 'Of course, it was Jack's early days as a vigilante thought-terrorist on 'Brainstab' that...' Nor do we expect that you are discussing our sassy-statements at the water cooler, but we hope you've taken a little note of our ways and means.

Which brings me to 'Theme Week.' As I think I've stated elsewhere I'm somewhat against change if I'm not leading it. When our fearless leader, Josh, imposed change upon us as soon as I was out of the country I had to impose myself upon it. Thus 'Theme Week.' It exists for no good reason than to massage my heavy, steroid-abusing, ego. That I've dragged my compadres and good friends into it is another matter entirely. Some say they only exist to satisfy my base desires and they would be right. Other claim that they plot forever against me and wish freedom. They would be right as well. I just call myself 'The Sti...' Bugger. Sorry. Should excise that section.

Theme Week. I set my friends a task; tell our public about a Lesser Known Moment of Hesitation. This was a compromise on my part; I had originally wanted the topic to be on something like the 'Once and Future Tea-party' or 'Aristotle's Lost Book on Comedy' but that's because I know what I would write for that. 'Theme Week,' should it work, should really not be 'I've got a good idea; let's see if the others can match it.' It's just the selection of a random title that might well produce fruit. No pre-conceptions, no hidden diatribes, just blind inspiration leading all of us astray.

In daily installments.

Thus I present to you, for this week only, a series of short educational snippets of 'Brainstab' psychology entitled 'Lesser Known Moments of Hesitation.' Each the product of its own mind, I ask that you make of them what you will.

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