Monday, February 13, 2006


Josh writes:

So Dick Cheney shot some dude in the face -- that's fucking awesome.

Not a big surprise, though -- if anyone was going to, it'd have been Cheney. Bush strikes me as more the sort to accidentally blow his own thumb off while cleaning a rifle, and Rumsfeld never touches weapons, master of unarmed fighting styles that he is.

Mind you, I just got back from the Third Annual Great Auckland Central Hero Debate, and having heard Dame Catherine Tizard use the phrase "cocks in frocks", I'm fairly certain surprise is a concept that no longer applies to me.


The Hand of Morthos said...

I see that you've made the same mistake most other commentators have done in re Rumsfeld; those aren't unarmed fighting poses (well, except for the Drunken Temple, but any Republican worth his salt knows that) but rather they are evidence of Rumsfeld's magical mojo. Master Prestigator Rumsfeld is well known to we members of the old schools of magick.

Lucifer Sam said...

Oh, that's fucking awesome. The Vice President shoots a guy in the fucking face!

I reckon they're just testing the waters, you know?

"Hey Dick, didya ever get done for shootin' that guy?"
"Naw George, got off scott free an' all."
"Well shit, that's great! I'm gonna go and see if I can shoot one of them caterers now!"

Xavier said...

Ha ha, it was quite funny hearing Dame Cath talk about cocks, especially when her daughter is sprawled on stage suckling at the teat of a very large bottle of champagne

Josh said...

The Tizards can sink their piss, gotta give 'em that.

dreamer said...

visual aid for vice-presidential hunting trips. yay for boingboing.

Kate said...

I thought the "read my lips, no bush" thing was a bit distasteful.hmmmm