Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Word of the Day

Josh writes:

Death and disease; poverty and indifference -- serious stuff. More importantly, what the hell does "mingy" mean?

"Minge", as we all know, is a vulgar term for the female genitalia. Is that what the author of this article is saying of us? In a national newspaper? Surely not. Going by the context, it seems to mean "stingy", a word with which it rhymes, but it takes more than assonance to imply synonymy.

And then it becomes clear -- it's not "minge-y", but "Ming-y", the implication clearly being that we're Merciless towards the less fortunate. Duly chastened, I begin to read through the rest of the article before remembering that I don't actually care.

Ooh -- bunnies!


RSJS said...

I think the inference is we, as a nation, are a bunch of vaginas. Or akin to Chinese vases, which is appropriate as we are named for their gooseberries.. or are we all now "Zespris"? As well as cunts?

Oh, that reminds me: It is my opinion, based on the wondrous "Buffy Swears" program, that Sarah Michelle Gellar has the greatest-ever minge.

dreamer said...

those bunnies are awesome.