Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Paedophile's Just a Friend You Haven't Met

Josh writes:

Yeah, so he's not guilty, but do you have any idea how long I've been wanting to use that title?

This is the problem with the way I write - where Jellybean reaches into his head and turns on the tap marked Stabby Stabby FUCKING STABBY Stabby, and Jack transcribes from handwritten notes stained by salty tears and still-healing wrist scars, I tend to start with a single punchline and work backwards. Or start with a one-liner and work outwards (that can get painful).

Or, in this case, start with a title and then have no idea where the hell I'm going with it. Still, at least I can get it out of me while there's some degree of topicality associated with it -- and if it manages to conjure images of a noseless lily-white freak sodomizing twelve-year-olds on top of a mountain of hardcore pornography, well, all the better.


You Sick Bastard! said...

I agree with you. Michael got off only because they didn't want him to go to jail. But we all know what really happened in Neverland. Watch when this happens again to another kid.

dreamer said...

he got off because the witness and his mother were so fucking phoney; the jurors did question 3 of the incidents.

so in short "we think you're guilty of paedophilia, just not with this laughable excuse of a victim, and his drama-queen mother who kept snapping her damn fingers at us".