Tuesday, June 21, 2005

U.G.L.Y You ain't got no alibi...

RSJS writes:

Welcome to irony, population, you.

Mmmmkay, here’s the freakin’ deal. Some squealing little fuckpuppet got a bad photo slapped in her school yearbook, distribution some 200 volumes. Potential exposure to the picture? Maybe a thousand undiscerning Yankee chicken-pluckers. However, her parents, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Fuck, were so incensed about their horrifying blob-faced crotch-dropping being portrayed in an accurate, unflattering, and vaguely dead light in this publication, they demanded its recall presumably so an airbrushed Photoshop masterpiece of an angel with slim hips and collagen flange-injections could be crammed in instead. They caused noise, and this caused media attention. So instead of this matter being buried out back where it belongs, or this recall occurring, the story and more importantly the picture of Fatty McUglybug is now being circulated WORLDWIDE so people from New Zealand to the Netherregions can point and laugh at the fact this child is a hippocrocodogapig swamp donkey. Who fell out of the ugly tree hitting every ugly branch on the way down only to collapse at the bottom and get hit by the ugly truck. Bet SHE’LL need counselling when she grows up and murders both her parents with a badger-poking spoon. That'll teach 'em for spawning a 1980s Dawn of the Dead extra..



Krimsonlake said...

This is obviously an unfortunate case of ugly and stupid. The family in question is doomed.

mary said...

the embarrassing image will haunt Asheasa for the rest of her life

I'm still haunted by the ghosts of a multitude of horrendous photos, even ones I have never even seen. Just knowing they are out there stops me from sleeping at night.