Thursday, June 16, 2005

Anecdotal Evidence is Worthless

Josh writes:

I was never smacked as a child. Not once.

I respect authority.

I love and respect my parents.

I was a model student (read: girly swot).

I went to University and earned a Masters degree with First Class Honours.

I have held the same job for five years, earning comfortably above the average wage.

I don't drink, smoke or take drugs.

I have never been in a fight.

I suffer from no psychological disorders.

I am polite, generally quiet, and patient to a fault.

I'm just saying, is all.


Eric Olthwaite said...

"I am have held the same job for five years"


Right, come over here bend over my knee...

Josh said...

A) fixed, B) you might want to peruse your last post before criticising my proofreading abilities, and C) ooh, you saucy wench -- only if you wear the flying helmet and the wet celery.

RSJS said...

So what you're saying is beating your child isn't necessarily the universal cure-all for making worthwhile offspring? So what is? Love? Kindness? Respect? What are you, a communist?

David Slack said...

Meanwhile, on a technical note, what's happened to your coding? The page looks bent out of shape with a column and a border out of place. Everything else is as good as you could want in a blog, so it's a bit of a, you know, Zen disturbance.

Josh said...

Educated guess: Jellybean's post with a URL for a title was screwing things up on IE (I use Opera, and haven't seen any problems). I see he's given it a proper title now and everything looks fine in every browser I try.

Alternate theory: You, sir, are on the crack.

RSJS said...

Sweet, a new way to fuck with "The 'Stab". Rocking. Air guitar.

Which reminds me, another term for mullet is "The calm before the storm". Joy.

RSJS said...

The new book "Freakonomics" seems to be on the same topic as this: that parents can do fuck-all to stop little Timmy killing cheerleaders with a tin of tomatoes in a sock.