Tuesday, March 15, 2005

State of the nation:

Apathy Jack writes:

The Flat:

One of the weirdest parts of living with geeks is what, for lack of a better term, I’ll call fandom hypocrisy.

To explain; The Flat was sitting around a few nights ago watching CSI – an episode that opened with a deluge of water crashing through a storm drain. Being the souls of taste and tact that we are, various jokes were made about CSI: Phuket – Grissom finding the DNA of a tsunami and such forth.

After nought but a few seconds of this, the role-playing-Buffy-fanclub-member flatmate shushed us. Repeatedly, loudly and repeatedly (the point I’m making here is that she didn’t only do it a few times) going “Shhh! SHHH! Quiet! CSI’s on! SHHH!”

However, the moment we were all silent, she began a running (and continuous) commentary on what was happening on screen. “Oooh. There’s a body.” “Ah, CSI have arrived.” “Aha! Grissom has seen a clue!”

I genuinely don’t get it...


So I’ve got this worryingly civic-minded student: Despite fainting the last time she tried to give blood, she signed up when the blood drive came to school again this year, in direct opposition to my concerns about the amount of weight she’s lost recently for no discernable reason.

After two weeks the bruise is only starting to heal from where they popped a vein.

Now she’s signed up to do the 40 Hour Famine.

So what else is there to do? I’m sponsoring her to eat this weekend. Money going to the famine people.

I don’t remember this being mentioned in teacher training. I guess I was away that day...


Sitting at the bus stop after school I look across the motorway at one of the buildings. Its tinted mirror surface has caught the setting sun, and each of the windows is reflecting a blaze of light – reminiscent of nothing more than The Towering Inferno, a dancing conflagration coming out of each window. Except that instead of red and orange, it is the deepest gold, and radiating beams of light like lasers.

“Wow,” I can’t help but think to myself. “This is what the world is going to look like when God sets it on fire...”

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what a beautiful vision!