Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Not a Well Man

Josh writes:

Dear The Herald,

Yes, we get it -- Antonie Ronnie Dixon is the most comprehensively fucked in the head individual out of all the P-crazed, katana-wielding, bowl-cutted lunatics in New Zealand. Is the relentless stream of updates concerning his headfuck'edness actually necessary? He said he was "the chosen one"; he said his victim was "a sacrifice"; he was ridiculously paranoid and thought the police had implanted chips under his skin -- thanks, but you had me at "mutilated two women with a sword then shot a guy".

And you even render yourselves obsolete by summing up every single one of your articles in a single image:

Frankly, that's case closed for me. I fully expect this picture to form the entirety of the prosecution's case:

"Your Honour, members of the jury:

The prosecution rests."

Yours Helpfully,




RSJS said...

My company has decreed A3 pictures of Mr Dixon emblazoned with the slogan "The Chosen One Knows What You're Thinking" are inappropriate.

Quiet said...

Thankfully, that same picture went down a treat in my company and was attached via magnets to the fridge in the lunch room by our Director.

Josh said...

"I know what happens in the future. I have a special connection with God. I can see God."I said stop it!

Josh said...

Oh for fuck's sake.

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