Friday, March 18, 2005

So much hate it would break your ribs

Apathy Jack writes:

Great moments in literature # 2, brought to you this week by Henry Rollins, from his book “High Adventures In The Great Outdoors”

In a state of delirium I dreamt that I came upon a female cockroach the size of a girl. She smiled at me and told me to come closer. She kissed me. The feeling of her belly scales against my flesh made me convulse and sweat. We made love. She wrapped her six legs around my back and pulled me close. Her antennas lashed my back. No girl ever made me feel like that before, ever. By morning I was covered with sweat, blood, and a noisome yellow-green mucus. She had my children (twenty of them). They were semihuman in form, could reproduce in weeks not years, and could lift up to six times their own weight. We are breeding. In the alleys in the sewers in the backrooms and brothels. Not a day goes by where my children don’t grow in size and strength. We are everywhere. You try to kill us with motels and poisons. This is snack food for us. You will never rid the world of us. We will rid the world of you.

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