Friday, March 25, 2005

Apathy Jack writes:

So anyway, one of our new English teachers tried to send a student out of class for misbehaving. He refused to go, and when she pressed the issue he overturned his desk in anger. The teacher, sadly, was close enough to the desk that it landed on her foot and broke two of her toes.

Of course, this helps my department’s cred no end, such as in my recent conversation with the new science teacher:

Science teacher “It was horrible. I asked the class to be quiet, and they kept talking. I put the work on the board, and they just wouldn’t do it.”

Me “Your department’s idea of a bad class is where they talk and don’t do any work? In my department the students break your toes! Don’t come to me with what you think are problems...”


STC said...

And Once, in Standard One, My Teacher stood on a desk and fell off and broke her arm and ran off crying and we got a replacement and I never learnt handwriting properly


dreamer said...

I remember at one of the high schools I attended how a student threw a chair at the teacher, who ended up terrified and in tears.
Granted it was one of the two worst high schools in wellington.

liver said...

At my high school we had a teacher who broke down in front of her class and told them that her husband was beating her up. Smart little 15yr olds told her to leave him. She did and is now all good. On the other hand there was the Japanese teacher who showed the seventh formers a japanese video that involved someone licking cream of somebody else....

We didn't have many male teachers after that incident.

Josh said...

My 4th form English teacher went crazy and had to leave, further confirming my hypothesis that only crazy people are attracted to English teaching.