Monday, March 28, 2005

Hitlog Follies, Part Three in a Series

Josh writes:

With our readership temporarily doubled by a mention from David Slack, I thought it might be an idea to present a less prurient face to the public at large than usual, especially with Apathy Jack providing actual reasoned debate to entertain and provoke the masses with.

Things seem to have returned to normal though, so I can feel more comfortable about mentioning that recent hitlogs prove that not only will a search for

male ballsack needle torture

bring you to us, but we are number one in Google when one searches for minge stab and well represented on Yahoo when it comes to throat rape. Things to be proud of, I'm sure you'll agree. Just not the sort of things you air when a bunch of strangers come calling.


Piglet said...

See I actually write about sex, and I don't get those sorts of hits. What's your secret?

BerlinBear said...

Just for the record, I found you through that David Slack link, and am still here almost a week later, and still laughing. Wish I'd found you by one of those Google or Yahoo! searches though - that would have been much cooler.

Josh said...

piglet: The secret is to talk complete shit most of the time, as far as I can tell.

syntax_man: Nice to have you aboard. There's always time to load our hitlogs with innovative search terms -- indeed, at my old site, people used to make a sport of finding the weirdest/most insulting terms that would link to me, just to fuck with me. Good times.