Thursday, March 10, 2005

Second Thoughts

Josh writes:

Looks like I may have to do a bit of opinion revising - I hate it when that happens.

First of all, it may be that I spoke too soon about the obviousness of Ronnie the Fruitloop's mental instability. Now we see allegations that his loopyness may be put on. I have to admit, I had begun to wonder a little, as the defence team methodically ticked off every box on the Are You a Nutter? checklist, and now we hear the claim that his hair wasn't even like that before the trial. I guess there'd have to be a good reason why a person would inflict upon themselves a haircut that makes them look like Concord Condor from the Tiny Toons -- beating an assault/murder rap is a likely candidate.

And, in a serious case of "did I just read that?" we see in our mate Garth's latest column:

There are a lot of people, I gather, for whom a car is a status symbol and perhaps having a clutch and gear handle is part of the status; or does fondling the gear handle perhaps have some erotic symbolism for both men and women alike?

Did he just compare driving stick to, well, "driving stick"? Dirty old bastard -- I'm starting to like him.

But enough of the media -- Resident Evil: Apocalypse is out on DVD; I'm off to get me some zombie hookers.

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RSJS said...

Hell, I've been saying Dixon is as sane as I am all along, normally in prose of dubious merit but colourful metaphor. He's just a Mikey Havoc lookin' meathead with a head of meat trying a Section 8 out. It was the haircut that gave him away... it was too perfect, it didn't just suggest he was brain-damaged, it levelled the same accusation at his barber. And what are the chances of this allegedly-cuckoo Swiss clock finding an equally dizzy Jack-in-the-box for a hairdresser? I mean what, are there "skullfucked freak looking for equally damaged coiffer" personal ads?

...oh hang on, there are. Between the herbal viagra and the cannibals seeking German meat. Never mind.

Garth George is still a walrus, though. Koo koo ka choo.