Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Apathy Jack writes:

Me "Here you go."
Gretchen "Is this an autobiography?"
Me "Yes."
Gretchen "I don't like those."
Me "Cady, convince her to read that."
Cady "Seriously, you'll really like it. You'll cry. I cried."
Me "Right, and here you are, Cady."
Cady "This looks dumb."
Me "Gretchen, convince her to read it."
Gretchen "No, seriously, it's really good. You have to read it."
Cady "Okay."
Me "Sorted."


span said...

Have you read this:

It's fab. I can lend it to you if need be.

Apathy Jack said...


I'll talk to you about borrowing your copy if I can't find one in my book shopping expedition at the end of this week.