Sunday, June 25, 2006

Broken Planet News

Apathy Jack writes:

Right, my internet is up and working, so the news returns. No more trusting regular media for you lucky bastards.

Thanks to those who sent me BPN stories while my intarwub was down - they're out of date now, but don't let that stop you sending me new stuff. (I can't believe BPN was on hiatus during a time when someone tried to prove God existed by feeding himself to tigers and a three-armed baby was born. Ah well, regrets, I've had a few...)

On with the news...

The teacher in me is angry, but the hillbilly in me is thrilled.


Man molests girl "to see if he likes it"; blogger blinds self in repsonse to world.


So many things wrong...


What, locking students in cupboards is a crime now? You want I should stop?


Cops: trustworthy as ever.



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