Saturday, June 17, 2006

I still hate text-messaging

Apathy Jack writes:

hi sir!

Hello. How are you?

You could read a book.
hahaha ur kiding right haha thats a good one! "read a book" hahahaha nice

Well, I tried.
party at doms tonite

Why do you feel the need to tell me these things?
wana come?

Love to, but I have plans.
with a girl?

No. Get your mind out of the gutter.
with a man...

See now, some people would say that the problem here is that I let my students get a hold of my cellphone number, but it isn't: The real problem is that I should never have taught my students to think they're funny.


Anonymous said...

My god, but aren't you the model for wildy inappropiate teacher-student relationships.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. He told them to read a book. That's what English teachers are supposed to do.


Pamziewamzie said...

Not inappropriate at all, that conversation is hilarious :D