Thursday, June 01, 2006

Important Lessons I've Had To Teach My Trainee # 1

Apathy Jack writes:

If you're yelling at a group of students for being "thieving bloody Maoris", so long as the students a) are Maori, and b) have been thieving from you, then it's not a hideous racial slur, it's simply the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Y'see, this reminds me of back when I was a trainee teacher. As some people probably remember, I tended to wear nail polish at the time. This once, a student calls out at form time: "Why are you wearinf nail polish, sir? Are you one of *them*."

"No, it's just that it pisses off rednecks," I replied, as I was wont to do.

I turned around to see this enormous polynesian lad call out: "Are you calling me a redneck?"

That's when I quickly slipped out of the classroom...

I know which battles I'm not gonna win.