Monday, September 12, 2005

September Dog Abuse

Apathy Jack writes:

When Carl the labrador chased a squirrel into the woods, his owners' only concern was for his quarry. But they should have worried about their dog. Because seconds later Carl re-emerged with the grey squirrel firmly clamped to his neck.

I’m thinking of making this a monthly feature – send all your tales of dog abuse to brainstab or the address in my profile.


Duncan Bayne said...

The real question should be: why didn't he simply heel her dog, & shoot the squirrel? Seriously, they make great stew.

Oh wait:

1. It was a family dog, which probably translates to "totally untrained".

1. It was in a park (I'm guessing they mean an inner-city park).

2. It was in the UK (where you can only carry guns if you're a criminal).

I guess we can let her off then :-)

Duncan Bayne said...

Hell, she could have taken the opportunity to teach her daughter some useful skills too - shooting, butchering, and possibly tanning (tanned animal skin makes a great dog toy).

The really sad thing is that there are some people who'll think I'm taking the piss with the above statement.