Thursday, September 22, 2005

Funny on the Intar Wub

Josh writes:

Sorry, am I just some kind of pulsating ignoramus for not having heard of newtown ghetto anger until the author posted comments on this very blog? Nor had I heard of Lucid magazine until this site brought it to my attention. I mean, Russell Brown mentioned it once and everything -- do I live in a hole or something?

At any rate, I approve. The guy's a man after my own heart -- can't draw, but can rustle up a decent punchline when the occasion calls for it. I can relate. Oh, I can relate.


jarrod said...

So much for keeping things on the downlow. Now I'll have to write some more, or something...

Josh said...

Pish -- just say to your audience what I said to mine: "Fuck off, Mum -- I'll do more when I feel like it."