Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sturgeon's Law

Josh writes:

Summer slump hits US box office

On account of the vast quantities of shit being produced by the major studios, one assumes. Key quote:

French documentary film March of the Penguins was also a surprise hit.

"In an ideal world, people would say 'OK, we have to think more creatively, we have to think outside the box and come up with new and different things'," said Steven Friedlander, head of distribution for Warner Independent Pictures.

"But I'm afraid what's going to happen is, we're all going to sit in a room and say 'We need more penguin movies'.

"So I don't really know what lessons we're going to take out of all this."

Looks like we're better off staying home and watching TV. Or not.

Stab in head? Don't mind if I do...


RSJS said...

It'll be Britney-cunt-tastic! And she'll serenade her squealing flipper-brat with "oh baby, baby" and everyone will laugh and then I'll politely swallow my brain and let it melt in my bubblebobbling stomach acid. It'll be a joygasm-ride on the LOLlercoaster.

More penguin films sound good, though.

Blair said...

I hope she has a brazillian down there :oP

Josh said...

I imagine she's had all sorts of nationalities down there. Not that I'm saying she's a slut -- just that she's had sex with many, many men.