Friday, September 16, 2005

Apparently there's an election on or something

Josh writes:

I'm not fussed -- as a dirty social democrat and a childless twentysomething (just) who's paid more than he's worth, I'm laughing either way. If Labour wins tomorrow, the country will continue as I like it; if National wins, I get me a tax cut.

To anyone not in my situation who's worried about what will become of them once the votes are counted and the dust settles*, the solution is simple: take out a last minute bet on the party you're not voting for. That way, even if you lose the election, you still win the bet! Sorted.

* Such as my student-debt-riddled, Labour party member girlfriend, who comes close to tears every time I casually mention that there's a chance National will get in and she won't get her interest write-off.

In unrelated news, Black Cocks? Dirty, dirty bastards. Not as dirty as the people who report on them, but still -- dirty, dirty bastards.


Kate said...

there is nothing dirty about being a social democrat... being a democratic socialist however, thats a different story altogether.

Josh said...

There's a difference? The two always sounded very People's Liberation Front of Judea/Judean People's Liberation Front to me.

Josh said...

Nevertheless, I should apologize -- I meant to say filthy social democrat.