Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Apathy Jack writes:

Oh, by the way, you remember that thing about the Creator and the Preserver being guaranteed that one of them would be Head of Department?

Well, they were both interviewed on Wednesday of last week.

On Thursday of last week, the position was readvertised.

Time to start updating my CV again...


Nat said...

If I email you my CV, will you forward it on for me?

Eric Olthwaite said...

By the sounds of how much your kids like you, I wouldn't like to be the headmaster when word of your leaving gets around.

Apathy Jack said...

Not a done deal. We'll see next week. As per, the ideal is that my guys get the job, and we all stay for a while. But yes, I will make it a point to turn the entire school against my Principal before I leave. I can do that without too much effort.

Arna said...

While I regret the loss t Hoodrat High, I must say 'mwahahahaha' as he's mine now (hopefully). Love you buddy!