Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can I Just Say This:

Josh writes:

"Frak" is not a swear word. It's a fictional swear word made up by the writers of a fictional TV series because they can't say "fuck". There is no excuse for using this word, not when there are plenty of real, mild swear words out there if you want to say "fuck" but circumstances won't allow it. For instance:

"Ass-munching camel rapist!"

Wait, not that last one.


RSJS said...

Grud! Which gorram farking bastich has been using these drokking made-up words? What's wrong with a good loud "fuck"?

...answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address, ladies.

N for Nihilism said...


phats said...

That had better be a Baxter reference.

Span said...

My, the previous commenters are indeed a bunch of hoopy froods.

Josh said...

Do I need to make it "using this word unironically"? Because I will - I swear I will edit this post to add the word "unironically". I'll do it, motherfuckers -- don't push me.

Randominanity said...

It's a bit like that episode of Rescue Me where the offensive word the female firefighter objected to was "twat"

Mind you at least the writers did pay tribute to the word they really couldn't use. Through devious amalgam the word "twunt" was born. Or, if you prefer, "quat"

Moz said...

I like the sound of "plaps".

It's a contraction of piss-flaps. Which sounds so much ruder than "labia".

But I prefer to insult people using proper words. There's a good, creative outlet in cursing properly. "turn him upside down so the smart end can talk" sort of thing. And when I need a short, sharp shocking sound, I swear using decent swearwords, thank you very much all the same.