Monday, March 12, 2007

Musings Upon the New Avril Lavigne Single

Josh writes:

I just have two questions for Jack, before he hurtles off to Canada to have a million of her little panda-eyed babies:

  1. What the fuck?
  2. No, seriously, what the fuck?
No, wait -- those weren't the two questions I meant. They were:
  1. Is this, as I maintain, a wrong-headed attempt to pitch "Hey Mickey" nostalgia to a demographic that's too young to remember it?
  2. Or is it, as RSJS has suggested, simply re-tooling a tried and tested formula to make money out of a new generation?
One thing is for certain: the ultimate summation of Ms. Lavigne's alt-pop ethos (by which she is the delicately sculpted creation of an army of stylists, fired like a shotgun at several dozen different "alternative" teen market segments) can be expressed no better than in the line "I'm a motherfucking princess" with the word "motherfucking" half-blanked-out for radio play. Having distilled her entire musical presence into four words*, there's probably not much more for her to do on this plane of existence, so I'll be expecting her ascension to some crappy sitcom any day now.

* That said, My Chemical Romance did it in three (although one of those is an "OKAAAAAAAY" that goes on for several weeks), so maybe she could do better.


RSJS said...

For swift summations of musical style, pre-steroids Trent Reznor wins with "Hurt".

Apathy Jack said...

Yeah, honestly, even I'm not exactly sure quite what's going on there...

Rich said...

Some years ago I had a temp job in a lab washing bottles and sealing them into plastic bags. This was somewhat dull.

Also, my coworker's taste in music extended primarily to pop-punk chicks that she fancied - so we got non stop Avril Lavigne, Tatu, Alanis Morissette, etc, etc...

Drove me back into IT..