Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I’m a rageaholic – I just can’t live without rageahol!

Apathy Jack writes:

From Roomanitarian, by Henry Rollins

Hate is good. Hate is strong. Hate takes passion. Hate is not empty. Hate keeps the mind focussed and the blood pumping.

Some people fear hate because they know it’s a real commitment and because they have cheated out on love as many times as they’ve walked through a door – they know hate is different. They know hate is for real and once it’s there it’s forever. You can forgive someone but that’s just for church or contractual obligations. You’ve got to stand up for your hatred. When you hate someone – that’s when people start listening.

Do you have the strength to hate? Maybe, maybe not. That’s why hate gets a bad rap. Those who call it bad are the ones who aren’t strong enough to carry the weight of hate. In their minds they wish they could hate out loud, but what good is that? It’s not real hate. It’s just cowardice. There it is. Concealed hatred is cowardice.

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