Thursday, March 22, 2007

Musings 2: Muse Harder

Josh writes:

So it turns out that, no longer content with colonising as many English-language teen demographics as is possible with one product, Ms. Lavigne's keepers are clearly shooting for nothing less than world domination. Our favourite Canadian has recorded eight versions of her new single, with the chorus sung in a different language in each.

My obsessive collector instincts (honed by decades of trading cards and Pokemon console games) now compel me to seek out and listen to every version -- while experiencing the Mandarin configuration, I'm almost certain the gaping maw of Hell opened behind me, drawing me towards it with a chilling inexorability like the Heat Death of the Soul.

But you know, it felt kind of good.


Paul said...

Give her up, Josh, you are so much better than her.

Josh said...

I guess you're right -- back to Kylie.