Thursday, October 20, 2005

Books you should be reading # 3 of A Bunch

Apathy Jack writes:

Namedropper by Emma Forrest

I liked the idea of therapy – it was something I had heard Woody Allen talk highly of. I could tell Manny was worried that everyone would think I was a five-year-old freak because he kept saying, ‘If you have a session that clashes with a lesson, just tell your friends you have to go to Hebrew class.’

‘No way,’ I choked, ‘that’s so embarrassing,’ and every time I had an appointment I’d raise my hand and say ‘Miss Mathews, I have to be excused. I have an appointment with my therapist.’

She’d blush and whisper, ‘Oh, your therapist’ as if ‘therapist’ were actually a code word for ‘Hebrew Lesson’. Teachers are so weird.


Anonymous said...

Can I borrow this book?

Apathy Jack said...

It's Lily's, but I'm sure she won't mind if I pass it onto you rather than directly back to her. Especially if I bribe her with the Amy Fisher book she's been lusting to borrow for months now...

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm sure Lily won't mind, she entrusted me with her copy of "Peter Pan."