Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This may be a comment on the state of my idealism...

Apathy Jack writes:

“Were the children polite today?”
“Well, one of them threatened to beat the shit out of a teacher. But that teacher wasn’t me, so that’s okay.”
“You’re alright with the students threatening bodily harm to your colleagues?”
“Meh. I dragged him out of his class and interviewed him about it, and he was unfalteringly polite to me, so I don’t see anything to get particularly worked up about.”


Kate said...

Have you noticed how your stabbed brain picture looks like a nose or an ear? huh huh, have you?

Josh said...

The Brain is all things to all people. Some claim that praying to it has cured them of disease. Some insist that it is the Fifth Sign of the Dark One. Some say it looks like a nose. All of these are true, and yet none are.

RSJS said...

You're a dirty post-modernist.