Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brain Poison

Josh writes:

Here's some free entertainment for you: The collected online short stories of Warren Ellis. I post this mostly for my own benefit, so all the links are in one place for when I want them. Here's a tip: Read them while eating!


Mr. Ramp

The Vale of Tears

Bedtime Stories At The Vale Of Tears
A Sad Bereavement At The Vale Of Tears
Morning Over The Vale Of Tears
Lunchtime At The Vale Of Tears
Good Night From The Vale Of Tears
Once More Into the Vale of Tears

(And then shamelessly aped here by some partially-talented bollocks.)


The Return of Falconer
Springtime For Falconer
Falconer in Love
The Joy Of Falconer
Falconer Forever

Rupture Fiction

The Insulted Lover
Planet Earth's Control Room

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